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Dorothy Lumski Biography

Hackettstown, NJ | November 6, 2012

After earning a master’s degree in communications and gaining valuable experience working with AT&T, Ms. Lumski was well prepared to form a business of her own. Today, she manages DL Consultants, LLC, and its subsidiary, Vigilance and Security.

Vigilance and Security provides customers from various industries with a wide range of product selections hinging on video surveillance and property protection. Catering to homeowners, warehouses, storefronts, restaurants, retail establishments, and military and law enforcement, Ms. Lumski’s business makes customer service a leading priority. It aims to facilitate strong relationships with its clientele by offering the highest quality and top-of-the-line security and surveillance systems.

In ensuring that operations continue to flow smoothly, Ms. Lumski manages customer phone calls and fills product orders. She also handles a large influx of email correspondences. Furthermore, she is concerned with developing product descriptions for the website so that the company’s equipment is clearly defined for potential customers.

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